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Product Description

The ACT® G2 Pacing Watch is the second generation of only SAT timer on the market. This watch has proven success time and time again for students globally. This watch currently works for the Reading, Writing and Language, Math (No Calculator), Math (Calculator), and Essay SAT Sections under Standard time conditions, as well as the test under all types of extended time conditions. This watch can be programmed to a custom time for any test (AP, High School exams, ect.). Our product is allowed in all tests due to its encryption and compliance with test room requirements. Instructions are not shipped with our product, please locate the instructions under the “my watch” tab on our website. Please print out the paperwork on our website to ensure that our product can be brought into the exam.

This watch also serves the purpose as a normal wrist watch.


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Preset Timing Sections:

  1. Reading (READ)
  2. Writing & Language (WL)
  3. Math No Calculator (MNC)
  4. Math With Calculator (MWC)
  5. Essay (ESSAY)
  6. Extended Time Without Essay Portion (SXNE)
  7. Extended Time With Essay Portion (SXE)
  8. Reading With 1.5x Extend Time (RX)
  9. Writing & Language With 1.5x Extend Time (WLX)
  10. Math No CalculatorWith 1.5x Extend Time (MNCX)
  11. Math With Calculator With 1.5x Extend Time (MWCX)
  12. Essay With 1.5x Extend Time (EX)
  13. Custom Timer for All Tests (TIME)

The watch also operates as a regular wrist watch.

Product Description: The SAT® G2 Pacing Watch is specifically designed for the Revised SAT® college admissions and placement test. The digital watch displays the time remaining for the section, as well as a visual indicator of the test taker’s current position throughout the test.

Progress Track: Around the outside of the screen is a track representing the allotted time for the specific section. Each section’s track has specific markers representing key points for the test. The test taker’s current progress is represented by a blinking indicator that travels clockwise around the track.

Allowed In The Test: The SAT® G2 Pacing Watch complies with all of the test room requirements and is the only digital watch in which SAT® publicly states are allowed into the test room. Our suggestion, for our customers and students, is to print out the necessary documentation (below) to avoid proctor conflict.

Print Out: Testing Timers Documentation

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For Best Results: Our team and partners suggest constant practice and real test simulation. The watches have been designed to supplement general test preparation strategies. For local tutoring company suggestions, please visit our Partner Page or contact our customer service team.

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