About the Company

About Testing Timers

Our Mission: Help Students.

Testing Timers is evening the playing field in the test room. Knowledge, time management and test anxiety are three key factors while taking the ACT and SAT, and our watch solves two of them. We’re helping to eliminate test anxiety and other outside factors preventing students from reaching their potential on the test day. By doing so, students can test with confidence, achieve their maximum score, and hopefully get into the college of their dreams.

Karen Berlin Ishii“As a teacher who’s been tutoring students for the SAT and ACT for many years, I know one challenge that all students face in these tests: the time crunch. Since discovering Testing Timers, I have urged all my students to get one and practice with it. Those who do have been able to approach their tests more calmly, in better control and with impressive results. For both tests – and for the ACT especially – this watch is a tremendously valuable tool.”
– Karen Berlin Ishii, Director, www.karenberlinishii.com


Jordan’s Story

Jordan Liss

Testing Timers was born out of a real world need. The idea came to founder and creator Jordan Liss when he was struggling to pace himself during his exams. There was no device in the market place for students to practice and prepare with their tutor and to use in the actual test environment. That inconsistency led to Liss being one ACT point away from getting into his dream school. He realized the need for a simple, yet unique, tool for students to supplement test preparation, reduce anxiety, and properly pace their time in the exam room. Mission accomplished.

Because he struggled taking standardized tests himself, Liss is determined to help young students succeed in the test room. Today, Testing Timer watches are being used across the country to best prepare students to help them feel the confidence in the knowledge they have without worrying about time, or without letting their dreams slipping away. Each time a student reaches their ACT or SAT goal with the help of the Testing Timers watch, Liss knows his company is doing something right. This is what sparks Liss’s passion to grow the company.

The goal-focused Liss is on course to complete his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the Steven M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in 2016.

Read more about Jordan’s story in Crain’s Chicago Business.

prep1on1“The Testing Timer watches have been a great help for my students. Since implementing the watches into our tutoring program, the student response has been unanimously positive. The students seem to most appreciate the visual tracking of the time on the outer edge of the watch as a means to help pace themselves. I will continue to recommend your watches for all my SAT and ACT students.”
– Suzy Furman, Verbal Tutor, Prep 1on1