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Thank you for visiting Testing Timers. Check out the short videos below to learn more information about our company, products, and results. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact our team at: [email protected]

Demo How the Watch Works

See how the watch works, helps students, and the visual indicator displayed on the screen.

Our watches have been designed to generate results by maximizing efficiency, timing effectively, reducing anxiety, and creating a consistent test-taking environment.

For information on how the watch works, please see our How It Works Page.

The Original Problem and Our Mission

Our watches help students reach their potential by bridging the gap between practice and real test taking.

There were no devices designed specifically for standardized tests, to be used in practice and real tests. So we created one, and it’s been our goal since to help students reach their potential.

For more information about our company mission and story, please see our About the Company Page.

Our Conceived Idea

We implemented a simple design that is perfect for test taking.

The progress track is the key component for maximizing efficiency and understanding current progress.

Additionally, our watches are silent, fully encrypted, and are approved to be used in the test room by both ACT® and College Board®.

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Why Testing Timers

Mastery of skills and mastery of time management are necessary to perform well.

We work with elite tutoring companies nationwide. These companies have seen incredible results, believe in our watches, and have implemented them directly into their curriculums.

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Success Story

Just one example of a student succeeding, reaching her potential, and attending her dream school.

We have helped thousands of students get into the school of their dreams and earn scholarships. Understanding and mastering the time management aspect of the test is essential to succeeding.

For more student and company success stories, please see our Testimonial Page.