Scenario We Prevent

The Scenario We Prevent:
“The (Testing Timer) watch really helped. I was in total control of my time, while the proctor screwed it up.
She said there was five minutes to go when actually there was ten. I knew because I looked at my watch and it said 10:00.
I could see the other students panicking because they thought they only had five minutes. While I, knowing the right amount of time left, took my time and remained calm.
At the end of five minutes, the proctor said, “My bad. You have five minutes left now.” I could hear the groans of the other frantic students and I was like ‘HA!’ I’m not panicked at all.”
Student, Pennsylvania


“Proctors are only human and make mistakes.
Testing Timers help students keep proctors honest.
I love this story. Every day when I sit down to tutor, I pull out a Testing Timer and sit it in front of them.”
Phil McCaffrey
McCaffrey Tutoring, PA