Three Business “Focuses”

Last week, I had the privilege to listen to Adam Frey, Founder of, speak about his experience growing the incredible wiki host with millions of registered users. Everything made perfect sense, as I nodded my head at awe. In the end, I took away three key “focuses” that drive success in business:


1) Focus On Your Target Market and Offer the Best Product and Service Possible

Wikispaces was not always directed at educators and teachers, but after interpreting their internal data and usage, the company understood this was indeed their niche. From there, educators were wikispace’s only priority.

Our emphasis is high school students. We are driven to generate results for these students through structuring partnerships, updating our site, and adding new tools. Everything we do is ultimately for them.


2) Focus on Listening to Them and Perfecting Your Product or Service

Wikispaces was not an overnight success. The company emphasized customer service and evaluated every recommendation. Even their main executives were in the business trenches, responding to customer service emails and interacting with their users.

We take great pride in customer satisfaction. Every email we receive is thoroughly evaluated and typically is responded to within the hour. We recognize that our product is only a tool for standardized test prep, and that is why we never spend money on marketing misinterpreted messages. Our watches are supplements to test preparation, which is why you can find them tutoring centers, rather than brick and mortar Barnes & Noble.


3) Focus on What’s Most Important and Only That

Wikispaces focused their attention on what their users were saying, rather than their competition. Ultimately by focusing in on keeping their current users active and happy, they were able to see extremely constant returns. Frey explained the greatest satisfaction he felt was when he was able to connect teachers across the planet and make a positive impact on education and the world.

The greatest satisfaction I get is from seeing the direct impact the watches make on students. Personally, I do not save emails containing confirmed orders. I do, however, save those coming from a partner, parent, or student writing about their success story:

  • Obtaining a certain score
  • Getting into the school of their dreams
  • Earning scholarship grants
  • Or anything else that relates to succeeding

We focus on what is most important. Our product. Our service. Our impact.


About the Author

Jordan Liss is a 21 year old entrepreneur and current student at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Liss passionately invented a patented product that helps students master the most stressful aspect of standardized test testing: time management. Since 2013, his company, Testing Timers, has helped thousands of students succeed and achieve their potential in the test room. Liss believes in the importance of setting stretch goals to challenge capabilities and to drive progress. Testing Timers strives to partner with the most elite tutoring companies nationwide.